Large Lean £60 Meat Box

Large Lean £60 Meat Box

Looking for a bulk buy discounted meat box?

We have brought together our leanest cuts of our homegrown pork, added some lean British Chicken and put them together in our Large Lean Meat Box. 

The leanest cuts of meat are from the hardest working muscles. These are usually found in the leg. We've used lean pork leg meat to create fresh meat products available in this one bulk purchase.

All products in our lean meat box are supplied fresh from our family farm in Fife, Scotland and are suitable for home freezing.

Bought individually these products would total over £70 but the Large Lean Meat Box brings you a 15% saving at £60. Shop now

Our lean meat box contains:

2 x 500g pork mince

2 x 500g pork stir fry

2 x 500g Beef Stew

2 x 454g Extra Lean Plain Pork Sausages

6 x Chicken Fillets guide weight 1360g

2 x 500g steak Mince

8 Pork Burgers guide weight 900g

2 x 454g Casserole Pork


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Joanna Mitchell

Joanna Mitchell

Jo Mitchell is a member of the Mitchell family and helps market Puddledub. Mum of 2 boys and living on the family farm helps Jo tell the story of farm life and provenance as well as sampling many of Puddledub's gluten free products.