What we feed our Puddledub Pigs

What we feed our Puddledub Pigs

Provenance of our products

You are what you eat right? Here at Puddledub we say absolutely! That's why we feel its so important to look after every stage of the process in creating our Puddledub products, from breeding and raising the animals ourselves to growing some of the food they eat and farming sustainably to creating the products ourselves. 

Summer Grain Harvest

Combines in action at Clentrie FarmThe grain harvest is a very important time of year, here on the farm. There's a lot depending on it and it affects the rest of the year for the pigs. It's a great feeling to see the combines out harvesting, as this goes on to become an important part of the Puddledub story. The grain harvested from the fields around the farm goes into our pig feed and the straw becomes the all important bedding for our pigs. 

Look out for more photos soon of our straw shed being filled with lovely new straw bales, ahead of this winter.