Love your Leftovers

Love your Leftovers

Have you got leftover Christmas ham sitting in your fridge that your not sure what to do with? Don’t let it go to waste give it some love and transform it into something delicious.

Leftover ham can make a delicious addition to a meal, whether shredded into a pie, sliced in cheese toastie or diced and added to pasta sauce there is no shortage of ideas of what you can do. 


Make a delicious soup with your leftover ham, whether you add some into a classic pea and ham combination or use it as a garnish for a creamy leek and potato soup, the result will be delicious. 


Nothing says comfort food like a pie and a rich ham pie is just the ticket. Make a creamy filling using leftover ham, potatoes and leeks topped with a puff pastry for the ultimate cosy dinner.

Lighter Leftovers 

After all the rich food at Christmas, you might be looking for something a bit lighter. Leftover ham tastes great when paired with vegetables why not try a ham and cabbage hash or add it into a stirfry? 

Something Cheesy 

Is your fridge also bursting with leftover cheese? Why not mix the two? Try adding ham to cheesy nachos or turning it into a deliciously simple quesadilla. You also can't beat a homemade cheese and ham pizza.

Make sure to give your leftovers a second chance this Christmas and you never know you might even find your new favourite meal.