Pork Cheeks Recipe Idea

Pork Cheeks Recipe Idea

Pork Cheek Recipe Idea

Pork cheeks are a cheap and popular cut, well suited to slow cooking. We followed this lovely recipe from Clodagh McKenna and have put together a 90 second video to show the simple steps involved. Watch our video.


We've used an Instant Pot to cook our pork cheeks in 45 minutes. They came out tasty and tender. 


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Why choose Pork cheeks?

Pork cheeks are one of the cheaper cuts available and can be great for feeding a big group of friends and family. Shop Puddledub Pork cheeks now. 


The cheek is a very active muscle which means it's a very lean cut with little fat. Slow cooking removes the toughness and keeps the flavour.

Slow cooker or Pressure Cooker?

Slow cookers are great for cooking pork cheeks however this can take up to 4 hours. We've used an Instant Pot which is a pressure cooker and greatly reduces the cooking time down to 45 minutes. 

A pressure cooker is also a much bigger investment usually costing over £100. Slow cookers can be purchased from around £20. 


Flavours that go well with Pork

Clodagh's recipe suggests vermouth and gooseberries but we've substituted them with sherry, grapes and kiwi berries which were what we could get in the local supermarket. (September 2019.)

Other substitutes you could use would be cider, apples and rosemary. 

Share your recipes with Puddledub

If you have a pork recipe that you would like to share with us then please tag us in on your social channels or send through to jo@puddledub.co.uk and we'll share it for you. 


This recipe has been suggested by Sarah Carter, one of our local customers based near the farm in Auchtertool. Thanks very much to Sarah for her time and expertise. 

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Joanna Mitchell

Joanna Mitchell

Jo Mitchell is a member of the Mitchell family and helps market Puddledub. Mum of 2 boys and living on the family farm helps Jo tell the story of farm life and provenance as well as sampling many of Puddledub's gluten free products.