Puddledub's homegrown Puddledub Pigs

Our Philosophy is simple. Each step is carefully done with care from conception to consumption.

Camilla Mitchell and pig enjoying back stratchAll of our pigs are bred and reared at Clentrie, fed on barley and bedded on loose straw, which we grow in our fields. Our animal’s health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. We feel that we can offer all of our animals a good life by letting them grow slowly and giving them the care and attention they need to have a ‘Happy’ life. We have regular visits from the vet and pig consultant who work with us to ensure that every stage of our pig husbandry and animal welfare is to the highest level. 

We believe produce with low food miles that haven’t been shipped halfway around the world is tastier. All of our Pork is hung for up to 10 days which allows the flavour to develop fully and help us produce truly marvellous pork to be enjoyed.

Our pigs are bred for succulence and flavoursome pork. We use a crossbreed of the traditional large white and landrace pig which we have bred with a Duroc. The Duroc is compared to the Aberdeen Angus of the beef world. It brings the fantastic marbling and succulence to our pork.

As well as feeding our pigs on homegrown grain and bedding them on straw which is harvested and stored for use throughout the year, we use the manure produced as a natural fertilizer which we apply to our farmland to help boost our yields.

All of our pigs are comfortable and well cared for, with stress kept to a minimum. Matured slowly to develop a full and distinctive flavour.

We believe healthy, happy pigs that are well cared for make great tasting pork. For the animals we don't raise ourselves, we partner with producers who share our same ethos and welfare practices.


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