Puddledub Farmhouse Smoked 200g

If you are looking for lean bacon then Puddledub farmhouse is your cut. This pack contains 200g pack of unsmoked gigot bacon. Cured, smoked, cut and packed by hand on our farm to ensure a great quality product.


in stock Guide Weight: 200g

Puddledub bacon is cured for 2 weeks before being sliced and packed. 

Our bacon is dry cured without water, using a traditional method of curing salts and a little sugar. This dry curing process means our bacon does not shrink and there is little residue when cooking. There is no added water and we don't use anymore curing salt than we absolutely need to ensure our bacon is cured properly.

Puddledub bacon is cold smoked in our on-site smoker using oak and beechwood chippings. No artificial flavouring is used in the smoking process.


Suitable for freezing.

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