Ham sliced and unsmoked

Pack of approx 4 slices of our award-winning sugar and mustard glazed sliced ham. Minimum weight 160g


in stock Guide Weight: 160gram

You'll never go back to supermarket ham, once you tast this. Our sugar and mustard glazed ham received a gold star in the 2013 Great Taste Awards.

There are approximately 4 slices per pack. 

As we use so little preservative in our ham, the slices can stick together. We like to open it and let the packet sit for a minute, just to give the ham a moment. It then easily comes apart. 

Adele Methven –January 17th, 2017

Fantastic sliced ham! Full off flavour, store bought even delis do not compare! Even my young daughter loves it so i gotta buy more since i have to share x