Roast Ham Half (smoked, boneless)

Our boneless half ham has been mild cured and gently smoked to give you a delicious taste.


in stock Guide Weight: 2.9kgs

This is a half Roast Ham has been smoked and the bone has been removed. This makes for easy carving.

The weight is approx 3kgs and this will feed 10 to 12 people. 

All our hams are mild cured for 2 weeks to develop flavour and texture. Our natural smoking process uses oak and beech wood for a beautiful aroma and flavour to your ham.

Our Roast hams are roasted and glazed to finish. Our glaze is made from honey, mustard and cider and is a great way to add colour, flavour and texture to your baked ham.

Our homegrown pork is delivered to you directly from our family farm in Fife, Scotland. We breed and raise our own pigs to give you great tasting pork and a provenance you can trust.

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