Bestsellers Meat Box

All our best selling and award winning products in one place.


in stock Guide Weight: 1 meat box

Our Bestseller meat box contains:

  • Smoked Middle bacon (220g per pack)
  • Our Puddledub Picnic Pie 
  • Sliced Roast Ham ( approx 4 slices 160g min weight per pack)
  • Just a plain pork sausage (min 420g/pack)
  • Honey & Mustard gluten free pork sausages (min 420g/pack)
  • Stir fry pork (min 400g/pack)
  • Back bacon (150g /pack)
  • Pork tenderloin fillet (300g)
  • Casserole pork (min 300g/pack)
  • Black pudding (4 slices 330g/pack)
  • Gammon steaks (min 330g/pack)
  • grass fed lean steak mince (454g per pack)
  • British chicken fillets (450g per pack)

It's a belter of a meat box, packed with delicious and fresh local meat and some of our tastiest and most popular Puddledub products. We hope you like it. 

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