Family Meat Box

Great for creating stews and casseroles. The box contains a selection of Puddledub pork, sausages, bacon, chorizo, locally sourced Dalachy Beef and black pudding.


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We have put the contents together with casseroles and stews in mind. There is over 4 and half kilos of meat to create delicious family meals. 

We've also included some Puddledub chorizo and black pudding which both can provide an interesting twist to a stew or hot pot. 

We've recently added chorizo too because it's a verstile addition. Chop it for stew, de-skin and crumble them to be added to minced meat for fantastic meat balls or just chop and add to the last 20 mins of cooking of your favourite stew. 

All our products are suitable for home freezing except the ham. When you open our sliced ham, we recommend you give the packeta couple of minutes 'breathing time' at room temperature. This prevents the slices sticking together. 

The Family Meat Box contains: 

  1. 1kg homegrown Puddledub casserole pork 
  2. 1kg braising steak (2 x 500g packs). 
  3. 1kg steak mince (2 x 500g packs).
  4. 1 packet Honey & Mustard Pork Sausages (420g guide weight per pack).
  5. 1 packet Just a Plain Pork sausages (420g guide weight).
  6. 1 packet of Puddledub bacon bits (200g guide weight per pack).
  7. 1 pack of sliced ham (approx 4 slices, guide weight 160g).
  8. 1 packet of Puddledub Chorizo (400g guide weight contains 3 or 4 sausages depending on sausage size). Our chorizo is made with fresh red chili so heat can vary from pack to pack. 
  9. 1 packet of Puddledub black pudding (contains 4 slices, 330g guide weight).

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