Large lean Meat Box

Looking for a bulk purchase of fresh meat? Our lean meat box is full of 8 kilos of fresh lean cuts of our homegrown pork, local beef and British chicken. With a discount of over 10% this box has unbeatable value.


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We used a mix of beef, chicken and the leanest cuts of pork for the products in this meat box. The leanest pork cuts are from the leg. We've used lean pork leg meat to create these fresh meat products available in this one bulk purchase. 

All products in our lean meat box are supplied fresh and are suitable for home freezing. 

Our lean meat box contains:

2 x Pork Burgers (4 per pack)

2 x 500g pork mince

2 x 500g pork stir fry

2 x Pork Chops (2 per pack)

2 x 454g Extra Lean Plain Pork Sausages

2 x Chicken Fillets (2 per pack)

2 x 500g steak Mince

2 x 454g Casserole Pork

 *Please note, we regularly update our boxes. 


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