In the heart of west Fife, the sleepy village of Auchtertool can be found. It is here you will find Puddledub Pork, based at Clentrie Farm situated to east of the village.

Clentrie enjoys spectacular views out to the River Forth, the Bass Rock and looking north, views of the Lomond Hills . The Mitchells and their ancestors have farmed in this area for over 300 years and are the 4th generation to do so at Clentrie. So it is only natural that farming should be in their blood. They have always had pigs and today it is no different from when their Great-Grandfather Harry Mitchell came to the farm in 1905.

Puddledub Pork is a small family business established in 1999 by Tom Mitchell and sister Camilla.

At Puddledub we have built a reputation as one of Scotland’s finest Bacon and Pork Producers using only the best home reared pork from our Large white-Duroc Pigs. We have a dedicated and loyal team who take time and care in what they do, to not only offer delicious products but traceability and excellent customer service. We don’t believe in cutting corners. We never have. We make our pork how our ancestors have for generations; with time and care, producing pork that can be remembered for its flavour and superb taste. We believe knowing where your food comes from is important.


Camilla Mitchell

Our Philosophy is simple. Each step from the breeding of our home grown pigs to the butchering and preparation is thoughtfully done with care from conception to consumption.

All of our pigs are bred and reared at Clentrie, fed on barley and bedded on loose straw, both grown in the surrounding fields. Our animal’s health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us.


We feel that we can offer all of our animals a good life by letting them grow slowly and giving them the care and attention they need to have a ‘Happy’ life. We have regular visits from the vet and pig consultant who work with us to ensure that every stage of our pig husbandry and animal welfare is to the highest level. We make their food here on the farm, we transport our animals by ourselves on the short journey to the local abattoir to insure stress is kept to an absolute minimum. 

We believe produce with low food miles that hasn’t been shipped half way around the world is tastier. All of our Pork is hung for up to 10 days which allows the flavour to develop fully and help us produce truly marvellous pork to be enjoyed. On our butchering premises our team have over 160 years experience between them, we use traditional methods to make our dry cured bacon, mild cured hams and pork sausages, by hand, with real ingredients and skills that have been practised for centuries. We are immensely proud of all our products and know you will love them too.

Clentrie is also home to The Buffalo Farm run by Tom and Camilla's nephew Steve Mitchell. He runs his herd of Water Buffalo, Aberdeen Angus Cattle and a flock of Jacob Sheep on the grass land.

There is also a fresh water loch which is a designated Site of Special Scientifc Interest.

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